Ante & Post Natal Fitness

Classes are not currently running at The Fitness Factory

as we are in tier 4.


Online classes are available, message Gemma on 07939137810 for more info. 

Gemma Calvert is a qualified Ante & Post Natal Instructor and runs classes here at The Fitness Factory.


Ante Natal Exercise Classes

Exercising when pregnant is are a great way to maintain your fitness level, strengthen muscles which change during pregnancy, train your pelvic floor, focus on your posture, relieve tension and prepare for labour.


Classes can be joined from as early as 12 weeks / 2nd trimester.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your first session to fill in a health form.


Post Natal Fitness Sessions

Our fitness sessions are ideal for Mums wanting to get back into shape after having a baby. Getting back into exercise can be difficult, but Gemma will ensure you to return to exercise safely and effectively. You can even bring babies with you to some of our classes. 


Please note that before you can attend classes you must have had your 6 week check

(12/13 weeks for c-section) with your midwife and have completed a health questionnaire. Gemma will check your tummy muscles for seperation and give you an information sheet with exercises to do/avoid.


Ante Natal Timetable


Saturday, 8.45am Pregnancy Fitness* 

Please call Gemma on 07939137810 for class dates - currently running

A class that ante natal ladies are welcome to join from 12 weeks. Combines low impact cardio,

Fitness Pilates, body conditioning and stretching. 


Post Natal Timetable - Classes /£4.50 each. 


Please note that Mommy's with babies or small children are welcome to some of our weekday

morning classes. We have highchairs that you can borrow but all other equipment/toys you will have

to bring yourself due to COVID rules. Your baby/child must stay in your 3m2 box and you must

ensure when you book in you state you are bringing a baby/child so we can ensure we don't exceed our maximum capacity for ventilation. 

For the full class timetable and more information visit our Classes page. 

For more info contact Gemma on 07939137810/

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